Capture Every Detail.

Designed by fishermen, for fishermen. Deckhand is an electronic logbook that can submit your statutory catch and effort data automatically.

No more paperwork, simply enter your catch as you go and Deckhand will take care of the rest.
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Introducing Trip Viewer. Deckhand’s new best friend.

Where did I land the most undersize last year? What were my totals for last month? Confirm my most productive areas for last season.

Trip Viewer is a tool that accesses your historical fishing sessions and allows you to mine that data to make more informed decisions about your business.
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Tom Robinson

A commercial fisherman frustrated by the volume of regulatory paperwork required to remain compliant. Tom decided there had to be a better way and with the input from a number of sectors helped develop Deckhand to improve the way fishermen report and interpret their catch.


Simon Dick

A software developer who has the unique ability to turn complex, unwieldy tasks into elegant, efficient solutions that save time and money for the user. Has devoted eight years of his life to ensuring Deckhand meets the needs of the fishermen who will use it.