Your entire fishing history, just a tap away.

The data collected by you using Deckhand comes to life when using Trip Viewer.

The software is designed to make it easy for you to interrogate your historical catch and effort data, leading to more informed decisions about your business.

View Filters.

Date filters allow you to drill down onto to specific seasons you wish to look at. View filters enable you to focus on just the catch types you wish to review in each session.

Trip Viewer takes the guess work out of comparing year on year data.

Heat Mapping.

The heat mapping function allows you to see where there were hot spots of activity. View a session and easily see where catch rates were higher.

The software will filter out catch types, for example ‘undersize’ to help make more informed harvesting decisions. This function gets especially interesting when you combine a large number of sessions at a time.

Totals Summary.

Trip Viewer makes adding up monthly totals easy and accurate.

The software can be filtered to provide a summary of any historical information if required.

Fleet Activity.

If you are part of a company with more than one licence / vessel, you can set up Trip Viewer to provide access to the data of your entire fleet.

An entire fleet’s activity can be viewed on one device making it easy to compare one fisherman to another, track target species movement or improve fleet efficiencies.

Live Sessions / Completed Sessions.

Sessions can be viewed in real time (subject to internet access). Broker your catch before it has even landed or send a message to high grade the catch.

Fleet operators can access real time locations of each vessel and up to date information for each of their sessions.